Put Your Pets First



Improve your dog's quality of life and overall well being while reducing unwanted problem behaviors like chewing furniture. The Enrichment Program is a custom care program to benefit the dogs and families who use us on a recurring basis at least 3x/week. Choose your dog's specific care goals and we will implement them into your dog's walk or visit schedule. Remember, consistency brings progress. We can't wait to work together to meet and exceed your dog's needs.


We know how much you miss your pets when you're away for a while. Trust us, they miss you too! As natural pack animals, it is imperative for canines to be regularly connected with loved ones and other dogs alike. When you can't be there, it is our privilege to make your pet’s happiness our number one priority. During this service, we learn what they like and dislike to make their time away from you as enjoyable as possible. This service includes a walk/exercise, relief, waste cleanup, medication administration, a photo or video, and a report card so you know exactly how they are doing.


Exercise for animals offers significant physical and psychological benefits such as stronger hearts and reduced anxiety. Allow us to care for your furry family member when you're tight on time or just need an extra hand. We offer a variety of timed walks to make sure your pup has the perfect social stroll or power walk they need. We also include feeding, watering, relief, waste cleanup, medication administration, a photo or video, and a report card to provide you with a glimpse of our adventure.



Our program is currently full and we are not accepting new training clients at this time.

100% Evidence based and Fear Free Certified techniques. These services are available on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information.


 No matter what is going on in your busy life, we are happy to be your pet's chauffeur! We can safely drive your pet to and/or from their destinations according to your needs. All canine passengers wear doggy-seat belts or are appropriately crated to travel like the precious cargo they are. Transportation services also include optional feeding, watering, short walk /relief, waste cleanup, medication administration, picture or video, and a report card to document our travels.


Full-service daycare facility 

coming soon!